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Placement Process

Here’s what to expect after you submit your application.



After reviewing your application, we’ll work to place you at a site that’s a good fit for you.

ISEP Exchange

We review applications based on your academic needs and space available at each host institution

ISEP Direct

There are no limits on the number of openings, so provided you meet the academic requirements and submitted your application by the program’s deadline, chances of placement of your selected sites are excellent.



Once we’ve found an appropriate placement for you, you’ll receive an email from us, notifying you of the details of your placement.

ISEP Exchange

If your complete application is received by the priority deadline, we will notify you about your placement at a potential host institution within three to four weeks.

ISEP Direct

Since ISEP Direct placements don’t rely on space available, we try to make these placements as soon as possible. You should expect notification of placement soon after you submit your complete application.



Next, we forward a copy of your application to your placed site, for your host ISEP Coordinator to review. As a membership built on sharing, it is necessary that the host institution determine whether or not to confirm your placement. Many institutions will want to send your application to specific departments to ensure that the academic program you have requested is appropriate. More than 90 percent of all students placed by our staff are confirmed.

  • If an institution does not confirm your placement, it is most often because the courses you’ve requested are not available or because you do not have the course prerequisites or language skills for that study abroad program.
  • Confirmation of placement usually takes three to four weeks for the host institution to review your application. During this time, we follow up on outstanding confirmations and notify your home ISEP Coordinator as soon as possible.



As soon as the host ISEP Coordinator at your recommended placed site confirms your placement, our staff will send you information and an acceptance package for you to complete.

  • You should receive your placement packet within two to six weeks from the day you submit your application (on or after our priority deadline). Sometimes the process takes longer because of issues to be resolved or because the host institution needs additional time to review your application.
  • Your acceptance package will include an Institutional Information Sheet (IIS) about the host institution where you have been placed. It is very important to read all the details in this document because it includes information about your housing, meals, deposits and any special conditions. The contact information for your host ISEP Coordinator will also be listed, but also will be included in your student portal.
  • The process is complete when you make a commitment to the program – you’ll review the terms of your placement, accept your placement, and enroll in ISEP health insurance. Please review ISEP Student Terms and Conditions regarding your acceptance terms.



Your host institution will send you an official acceptance letter and a site-specific acceptance packet.

  • Save your acceptance letter. You will need your host university’s official acceptance letter in order to apply for a visa. (Please see your host country handbook for further information on visas).
  • Check for additional forms in your site-specific acceptance packet. Your host institution may note additional documents such as housing and registration forms or an internal university application in this packet. It is very important to complete these forms in a timely manner.
  • If you do not receive a letter of admission and a confirmation and acceptance packet from your host institution, contact your host institution’s ISEP Coordinator. Contact information is in your Institutional Information Sheet (IIS) and in your student portal. If you do not receive a response, please contact your home ISEP Coordinator.
  • Semester 1 (Fall) students studying outside the of the U.S. should be aware that many universities abroad close for the summer or employees take extended vacations. Therefore, host ISEP Coordinators may not be available by email during July and August. Please try to contact your host Coordinator with any questions before the end of June.